Future Leaders

At East Gate Kids, we prize students’ out-of-school time as a unique and highly valuable opportunity to help students develop their innate passions and skills so that they can be a force of good in this world for decades to come. We strive to provide our K-6 students with as many self-directed choices as possible, while fostering an environment that they are not only excited to be in, but also feel very personally is theirs. We have several play centers that students are free to when they arrive in the afternoons, including Art, Quiet Area, Games, Science, Blocks & Manipulative's, and Dramatic Play.

In addition, we offer staff-led activities each day of the week to provide even more options for our students. Each day of the week, students have the chance to participate in a project where they learn principles about art & design, mathematics, science, engineering, & technology, or cooking & nutrition.

We believe that when we give students the independence and freedom to make their own choices in play while providing nurturing yet strong guidance, intriguing and exciting materials, and a safe space, students will independently create, build, play, discover, and learn in rich ways that they otherwise might miss out on in the out-of-school hours.