Take Pride in What You Do

Step inside this Reggio Emilia-inspired classroom and you will find a world of wonder and exploration throughout. The children are actively engaged in a variety of activities that inspire children’s curiosities in all aspects of development. There is a strong interest in art, literacy, and dramatic play. All areas are intertwined and projects last a long time as children conduct research along with the teachers. Open the door to a lovely garden created from scratch by the teachers and families of the classroom. Many sensory activities abound in the garden as well as planting and growing a variety of plants.

This classroom also excels in inclusion as children with special needs are integrated into the family-style support of the teachers, children and families. You will find a balance of noisy and quiet areas that also provide a place for children overwhelmed by too much stimulation. The lighting is low for this purpose.

There are also several aquariums that house a variety of fish. There is a bearded dragon in his own aquarium that arouses the children’s curiosities as well.

Children take pride in having their art work and stories displayed around the room. Materials are supplemented by natural sources, recyclables, and donations from WE-Imagination. Fine motor skills are built from a multitude of manipulative’s that lead to writing skills. Math areas include manipulative’s to foster counting, grouping, and more.