East Gate Kids Learning Center is committed to providing developmentally appropriate and stimulating learning environments for a diverse population of young children and youth. We maintain the highest standards of excellence in the areas of childcare, education, personnel, and facilities; while at the same time utilizing input from families and community members. 


FOCUS On Young Children’s Learning

East Gate Kids Learning Center exists to provide well-balanced, values-based programming to meet the developmental needs of every child. We serve children from 6 weeks old to 12 years old.
FOCUS on Young Children’s Learning involves 5 STAR levels that ascend in essential quality elements and continuous quality improvement. East Gate Kids is working with the Focus Program and have received our 5 Star verification in 2017.

Our friends help us, so we can educate and prepare your child for the future.


We are a Reggio Emilia Inspired Center.

We aims to observe what children already know, what they are curious about and what challenges them. Teachers document these observations to identify developmentally appropriate ways to help children to reach their academic and social potentials.

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“Let’s work together to keep education friendly, light hearted, and respectful to all participants. Respect the individual timing and rhythm of development. Do nothing without joy!”

~Professor Loris Malaguzzi


Basic Information

Hours of Operation

Weekdays Monday – Friday 630am 600pm


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From Nursery to After School Care

Our Philosophy Statement

East Gate Kids believes that children are capable and competent citizens of our community. We value their diversity and cultural beliefs and celebrate their accomplishments and milestones. We believe children learn through exploring their environment and hands on experiences. 

As role models to children of a very young age, we believe in leading by example with integrity and moral values. Our diverse staff provide a caring and nurturing environment that focuses on each child’s well-being and development.

Empowering children in their learning process.


Recognizing Individuality

We believe each child is unique, with his or her own distinct personality, background, and learning style, and we strive to be responsive to those individual differences. ​


Qualified Staff

Our teachers are CPR and First Aid certified. Each has completed the required 45 hour certification training. Many of our teachers have either already completed, or are currently pursuing, further education

Children are capable of constructing their own learning.


Educating, Not Babysitting

Rather than simply operating a day care, we envision a facility where education, including Christian education, is an essential component for children to reach their full potential in readiness for school.


Safety Is Paramount

When it comes to the safety of your child, there’s no such thing as being too careful. That’s why East Gate Kids employs ProCare™ software. This proprietary technology allows our staff instant access to your child’s essentials;  medical information, arrival and departure times, and authorized individuals.

Our Curriculum Statement

East Gate Kids is a Reggio Emilia Inspired Program. We have a strong image of children and believe that children are capable and curious individuals. It is the goal of the educators to foster and scaffold hands on experiences that highlight the interest of children and develop a curriculum that will support their ideas and experiences through social experiences and the use of natural materials and loose parts.

The purpose of play is to intrigue and invite children to interact with each other, with that materials and with the environment. The nature of play allows children to develop at their own pace in well-organized environments. The outcome of play supports social skills, fine and gross motor skills, intellectual development and language development. 

Everyone Has a Voice

“We chose East Gate Kids on the recommendation of a friend knowing we were in search of childcare. I’m thankful everyday for that recommendation!
Thank you East Gate.


“… provide a safe and nurturing place… I’m so grateful that during such a scary and stressful time for families, my kids. Can play and learn in a space they feel comfortable, loved and safe!”


“Great facility, my kiddos enjoy attending every day and they always talk about the fun activities they have at school age”


“Excellent customer service, every time I have a question for my daughter, the teachers answer all my questions and concerns…”



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