Step-by-step process for applying at East Gate Kids:

1. Submit Resume:
- Applicants should prepare and submit their updated resumes, highlighting relevant qualifications and experience.
- Resumes can be submitted through our online application portal on our website “JOIN OUR TEAM!”.

2. Fill out an application in-person:
- Applicants are requested to visit our facility in person to complete an application form.
- The application form collects personal information, education background, work history, references, and other pertinent details.

3. Interview with Director or Admin:
- After reviewing the submitted resume and application, selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.
- The interview will be conducted by the Director or an administrative staff member.
- During the interview, applicants will have the opportunity to discuss their qualifications, teaching philosophy, and ask any questions about the position or the center.

4. Working Interview in the Classroom:
- Candidates who successfully pass the initial interview stage may be invited for a working interview in one of our classrooms.
- This working interview typically lasts for 15-30 minutes and allows the applicant to showcase their skills and interact with children under the supervision of a lead teacher.

5. Decision by Teachers and Admin Team:
- Following the working interview, the teachers and admin team will convene to discuss each candidate.
- Factors such as qualifications, experience, performance during the working interview, and compatibility with the team will be taken into account.
- A joint decision will be made regarding whether to extend an offer of employment.

6. New Teacher Hiring:
- If the decision is made to hire a new teacher, the successful candidate will be contacted and offered the position.
- Details regarding salary, benefits, orientation, and start date will be discussed and finalized.
- The new teacher will be provided with necessary paperwork and information to complete the hiring process.

Please note that this process is subject to change and may vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of East Gate Kids.

Your resume will be valid for 90 days. If you don't receive any communication from us within that time period, it means that we are not currently hiring. After 90 days, you are welcome to reapply if you are still interested in working with us. Don't give up, as sometimes the timing may not be right. We appreciate your understanding and hope to have the opportunity to consider your application in the future.