Our Philosophy at East Gate Kids: 

Nurturing Capable Minds & Celebrating Diversity

At East Gate Kids (EGK), we hold a profound belief in the innate capabilities and potential of children as integral members of our community. Embracing their diversity and cultural backgrounds, we take pride in commemorating their achievements and significant milestones.

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, East Gate Kids advocates for a profound understanding of children’s capabilities and curiosity. Our educators are committed to nurturing and scaffolding hands-on experiences that align with children’s interests, crafting a curriculum that amplifies their ideas and encounters through social interactions, natural materials, and adaptable elements.

Key Tenets Guiding Our Approach:

 • Image of the Child: Viewing children as nature’s communicators, endowed with unique voices and perspectives.

 • Hundred Languages: Recognizing and respecting the diverse avenues through which children express themselves and make sense of the world.

 • Environment as a Third Teacher: Designing spaces that serve as dynamic learning environments, fostering exploration, creativity, and discovery.

 • Teachers as Guides: Guiding children’s learning journeys with sensitivity, expertise, and a commitment to fostering autonomy.

 • Parents as Partners: Collaborating closely with parents and families to cultivate a supportive community dedicated to each child’s flourishing.

At East Gate Kids, we strive to empower young minds, cultivate curiosity, and nurture a sense of belonging, laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth.